Specialist Multihead Weighers  

Since developing the first multihead weigher in 1972, over the last 40 years we have continued to work closely with our partners to develop weighing and packaging solutions to their particular requirements.

Various food types present different challenges to the processing and packaging process. For example "sticky" products such as meat or chicken do not flow easily through the packaging line whilst  products such as salt or cous-cous flow too quickly.   

Committed to designing equipment that will help producers pack all types of foods more efficiency, our research and development department currently has over 2000 patents pending.

Below are some of the specialist multihead weighers currently available from Ishida. We have many more specialist models available to suit a wide range of applications. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.


Cut-gate Weighers

Ishida cut-gate weighers deliver high speed performance for dry, free-flowing granular products.

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Dates System

Integrated multihead weigher and weigher-to-pack distribution system, enabling fully automated packing.

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Fresh Food Weighers

Industry leading fresh and sticky product weigher, for accurate weighing and the improved flow of sticky foods.

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Linear Weighers

Ideal or free-flowing, low target weights of dry or frozen products

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Micro Weigher

The world's smallest multihead weigher for the smallest weighments.

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Mix Weigher

A convenient machine for a convenience-heavy food industry, the mix weigher is the fast and reliable solution for creating product mixes, including fresh or frozen produce, confectionery and cereals.

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